Aloevera Juice

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Aloevera Juice



Aloevera Juice Safely and gently cleanses digestive lining and Soothes digestive tract




Aloevera has been one of the most important plants used in folk medicine. The Egyptians referred to aloe as the "plant of immortality" and included it among the funerary gifts buried with the pharaohs. The healing benefits of aloe were recognized in the ancient Indian, Chinese, Greek, and Roman civilizations. It is traditionally used to heal wounds, relieve itching and swelling, and is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.Aloe Vera, or Ghrita Kumari in Sanskrit, is a member of the lily family and is very cactus-like in its characteristics. It is one to two feet tall; and its leaves are succulent, broad at the base and pointed at the tips, with spines along the edges. These fat leaves contain the clear healing gel that is 96% water. The other four percent contains 75 known substances including Vitamins A, B, C, E, calcium, amino acids for protein building, and enzymes used in the digestive system.



Aloevera Juice Benefits

·         Anti oxidant

·         Anti Aging—Improves skin cells: Hydrates and Rejuvenates the skin & accelerates skin repair.

·         Boosts immune system

·         Improves appetitie

·         Alkalises the body, helping to balance overly acidic dietary habits

·         Reduces cholesterol

·         Reduces blood pressure

·         Improves appetitie

·         Helpful in piles

·         Helpful in liver disorders.

·         Assist in weight loss

·         Improves the immune system



15 to 30 ml twice a day or as prescribed by the physician. For better results,nothing should be consumed 30 minutes before or after consuming the juice.