How can I join Welcer Herbals, as a business opportunity?

To join Welcer Herbals you must purchase one of the product packages offered by Welcer Herbals, after which you will become an independent business associate.

I have purchased a product package from Welcer Herbals, will it generate any income for me?

The purchase of any product package does not generate any income for you. It is only after you are able to sell the product package further that you will get income for yourself. To know about income plan refer to  Welcer Herbals Business Logic.

How do I begin getting an income?

You begin getting an income once you have sold any two of the product packages made available to you.

In what form will I receive my income and when?

Your income will be made available to you through a cheque, once the TDS has been deducted. This format of cheque payment is done weekly, based on your ability to sell the product package.

Is my income generation based on my ability to sell the product package or does it include the team I will be creating (as mentioned in the Welcer Herbals Business Logic)?

The income generation is based on both: The work of your team as well as yourself, based on the ratio mentioned by Welcer Herbals for an unlimited depth.